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Birdcage Inn (1998)

Birdcage Inn (1998)

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Anonymous asked:
FYI, in both cases, the man and his son came out after MJ died and said they lied on him for money since MJ had close to $1 billion at the time and they were poor. You ignorant BITCH. Where were you when that came out in the media since you believed everything else. MJ is actually in heaven being treated as a KING 99% of people knew him to be. Your dumb ass is the the other 1%.

Mine was just irony. It’s people like you who insults that worries me.

L’Eterno ha scaricato nell’uomo tutte le proprie imperfezioni, la sua putredine, il suo decadimento.
La nostra comparsa sulla terra dovrebbe salvare la perfezione divina.

Dio non è all’oscuro di quello che ci succede - e se ha mandato il Figlio, affinché ci tolga una parte delle nostre pene, lo ha fatto non per pietà,
ma per rimorso.

E. Cioran
Lacrime e santi

now he’s in Hell and Suffer Well.

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