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Numerosi studi indicano che l’eccessiva repressione dell’istinto sessuale conduce ad un aumento del livello generale di aggressività di una data società.
The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep.

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the sparkle in the living room. | fuji 400h | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell.


the sparkle in the living room. | fuji 400h | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell.

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We’re expected to be the ones responsible for everything. If a woman gets drunk and has sex she regrets, she’s been raped. If a man gets drunk and has sex he regrets, he’s a horrible selfish pig.
If a woman fails at anything, it’s because society is oppressing her, but if a man fails at something it’s because he is a loser. If a woman wants NSA sex, she’s being sexually liberated, a man who wants that is a disgusting pig who is “only after one thing”.
If someone posts a selfie and I say they are cute, I’m banned for “creeping” but if a female does it, she’s being nice. Speaking of nice, if I do anything to help a woman, it’s just assumed that I’m trying to get in her pants.
I’m supposed to constantly make amends for how men treated women 60 years ago, when the world was a completely different place, even though I wasn’t born yet. But I’m also a wimp if I don’t “take what I want”. And suffer through absolutely anything stone faced. I’m supposed to ask for permission to make a move, but if I do I’m not being assertive and so I’ll get turned down. I’m supposed to constantly ask if what I’m doing is still OK, but my feelings and needs do not matter one bit - I’m supposed to be grateful if any woman allows me to please her.
The world cares what happens to women, but not to men. “End violence against women” - why not just “end violence”? Why is it that breast cancer is the only cancer that matters - can’t we just have a ribbon that “brings awareness” to cancer in any form?
Being a man is a sin today. It’s a big disadvantage in most respects. We’re guilty because we have a penis. We’re automatically the problem. Women send us to jail by just claiming we did something, and some use that as a weapon to manipulate us. Our natural desires are used to milk us of every resource we have.
Relationships are commonly understood to be a man putting all of his energy into providing and performing for a woman. And if we’re near perfect, we may be allowed a little bit of sex - something that is arguably every bit as rewarding to the woman as it is to the man.
Everything we do is open to criticism, while the rest of the world spectates. It’s assumed that we enjoy all of these benefits that come with being the ones who “run the world”, but all that really comes with that is work, stress, and blame when things aren’t perfect. It’s like how everyone criticizes politicians to no end, while doing absolutely nothing to run the government themselves - armchair experts have defined the only acceptable form we can take, which involves doing everything for others and nothing for ourselves. And even punishes us when we try to be that way, because we’re “nice guys” who are supposedly just trying to buy sex with favors.
It’s a no-win situation to have a cock these days.

Male survival in 21st century America:

  1. Do not get married.
  2. Do not have children.
  3. Get a vasectomy.
  4. Do not tell your sexual partners you have had a vasectomy.
  5. Do not cohabit with any woman you are in a relationship with.
  6. Do not ever be alone with a child for any reason.
  7. Do not date or have sex with any woman who has a child.
  8. Do not provide regular financial support to any woman.
  9. Do not attempt to protect or help female strangers. If you see someone beating up a woman, walk away. Do not attempt to help her. Do not call the police.
  10. Do not speak to or touch a child you do not know. If you see a child drowning, walk away. If you see a child being kidnapped, walk away. Do not call the police.
  11. Do not speak to the police for any reason ever.
  12. Carry a cell phone or other device capable of audio and video recording at all times.
New York, NY
June 2014

New York, NY

June 2014

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Le persone normali hanno sempre bisogno di un mostro da giudicare per convincersi di non essere simili a lui.
Oliviero Toscani 

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